Business Rules Engine

The business rules engine "BRE" is an essential component that serves the workflow engine by processing rules based on runtime variables. By removing the rules from the logic in the workflow engine two important things happen: 1. The workflow model becomes simpler and 2. a business analyst doesn't require IT skills to maintain a viable rule set.

Complex rules can be tested in the BRE at design time to ensure that all conditions are actionable. Without that confidence, the solution must go through tests and trials before rolling into production. The BRE will minimize this delay.

There are many BRE products on the market. From simple rules sets to extremely complex conditions and criteria, choosing the right BRE product has a strong impact on the successful ongoing management of an EIM solution. AIT will determine the requirements, design and implement the BRE component of the solution.

Centralized rules are critical to streamline operations.
Rules external to the technology are critical to operational agility.