Data Visualization Engine

Data visualatization engines "DVE's" are growing ever more powerful. Whether your interest is in processing big data heaps or simple department sized application data, a DVE can be used to process all the raw material in their original forms on their original systems. Its purpose is to prepare data for a rendering application which will present the data visually. Many applications combine the DVE, the rendering and the presentation layer - Dashboards apps, for example.

An independent DVE permits focus on background operations such as data mashups, then permits any preferred BI software to present the data. Vendor limitations are minimized and project goal attained.

There is nothing more important to a technology application than the abiltiy to understand the data. Everyone talks about the importance of Business Intelligence, often though, the result is lost somewhere in the execution of the project. AIT works backward from the goal to ensure that from the outset, the solution stays on target - measureable results.

Unlocking the information buried within heaps of data is the sole purpose of visualization. Understanding what the business is doing and how... that is the killer app.