Business Process Management "BPM" is not just for large organizations. In fact, Small to Medium Businesses (SMB) and even start-ups, find tremendous uplift in utilizing technology to do much of the work the staff in a larger organization would do. Scanning, sorting, storing, reporting... AIT helps to choose the right technology with the right implementation plan. This will avoid the need to increase staff (business or IT) and avoid length projects cycles before any real gain can be felt by the organization.

BPM vendors have working pricing models that suit large companies very well. They have learned that very few organizations are willing to commit tens of millions of dollars over a five year project cycle - this was the pricing model from years ago. Recently, project costs are leaner and include only those software components that are directly required during the immediate solution deployment. Other components are not licensed until they are needed and often that pushes into subsequent years. This model benefits everyone, including the SMB's, start-ups and even small departments in large companies.

AIT works with all organizations to understand the business need bring the right technology to the table - regardless of size. Knowing what you want to do is not the same as knowing how to do it.

Q: Why do so many 100 people organizations do fine without BPM?
A: Staff heroics. They make up for gaps in tech and ops planning.