About Us

Who We Are

AIT Solutions (AITS) is the deployment group of Applied IT (AIT). The members of this group (the AIT Team) are an established culture of like-minded professional consultants working together for the purposes of sharing innovative ideas on the application of sophisticated technology in the field of information management.

Working together or separately, the AIT Team brings a vast array of knowledge to every project. Common roles are: Project Managers, Business Analysts, Solution Architects and Vendor Product Subject Matter Experts. Common industries are: Banking and other Financial Institutions, Insurance, Manufacturing and government projects.

Consultant Team
The AIT Team has over 100 years of combined experience in COTS deployment in the EIM/BPM/DMS Space. Working as a team or as individuals on smaller projects, AIT brings solid action to the application of enterprise or discrete solutions.
Common Roles
Business analyst or Product SME are often the roles we start an engagement in. Building requirements to find and configure technology to provide an adopted business solution is what we do.
Understand "the Mess" - Business Processes / IT Deployments
As companies grow, people come and go, ideas bloom and fade; this organic growth can lead to a perfectly functional corporate disorder most affentionately known as "the mess". AIT will clear it up one process at a time through discussion and documentation of what is and should be happening.

What We Do

AIT makes technology work. It's that simple. If you are thinking that there must be a better way to do something, there likely is and we know how to make technology work smoothly, consistently and do all the heavy lifting so that you can focus on building your business or department by managing exceptions the exceptions, not the norm.

This is BPM and AIT will get you there. We work with your team as a team or as individuals bridging a knowledge gap. We do not just install software, but configure it to make it work in your environment and deliver the results for which it was intended. Modernize operations through the application of technology and measure the results.

Deploy Commercial IT Products - Business Process Management
We work with all the major vendors (garter ECM magic quadrant) and configure, not customize, their software. This maintains upgradability and ensures every solution makes the most out of this software investment. Read more
Deploy Commercial IT Products - Individual Applications
Office 365, MS Excel repositories, SQL Data Management and Data Visualization are some of the product types we configure and support. AIT applies a structured approach to every part of the IT genre converging on repeatability/reusablitity of systems and data. Read more
Fix the Mess - Business Processes / IT Deployments
Documenting as-is and to-be processes are the cornerstone of process modernization. But AIT does this with the intention of using those diagrams as working models in simulations as well as in runtime, execution mode. This means the models are done once and resuable by multiple disciplines down the line.
Document Conversion
From paper format, microfilm or microfiche to certified digital reproduction; this is the essential process of managing documents in any modern business. AIT will manage this even before selecting a DMS vendor to ensure the operation is in a state of readiness to adopt BPM technology.