Enterprise Application Integration

Applied IT Solutions deploys Enterprise Application Integration

A deployment methodology integrates applications and processes through centralized communication protocols.

AITS-EAI combines an enterprise service bus(ESB) with business process management(BPM), event processing, business activity monitoring(BAM),and advanced dashboard capabilities.

  • Connect to anything

    Whether it is Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, or any Datasource, AIT enables high quality, agile integrations to these systems.

  • Service Mediation

    AIT separates business logic from message formats and protocols, enabling rapid, agile development and seamless migration between formats and versions.

  • Service Orchestration

    AIT enables you to rapidly orchestrate business services to simplify, automate, optimize and accelerate service delivery both within and outside the enterprise.

  • Omni-directional Data Transformation

    AIT Semantic Dictionaries for SAP, Oracle, SWIFT, ISO20022(SEPA), Fix, FpML, Acord enables rapid dynamic data transformation without the need for cumbersome JAXB/XSLT.

  • Transport your data using different Channels/Protocols

    Configure-Not-Code approach enables agile development. AIT supports JMS, MQSeries, HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP, AS2, RNIF, FTP, SFTP, FTPS, SOAP, REST, FIX, FTPS, SFTP etc.

  • Create Complex Web Services with ZERO Java Code

    AIT uses browser based Web Services Generator to create Web Services by: using a UML Data Modeler, connecting to data sources, transforming data, and building complex external rules.

  • Cloud Advantage

    ESB can run on-premise, in a private cloud, multi-tenant public cloud or hybrid cloud environment.

  • Routing, Mediation and Transformation without XSLT/JAXB

    Data can be routed based on several rules including document standard, data content, headers, priority etc. AIT supports all common Enterprise Integration Patterns(EIP's).

  • Massively Scalable, High Performance with High Availability

    Deploy solutions for several thousand concurrent non-blocking HTTP(S) connections. High throughput with millisecond latency. Built in clustering support.

  • Monitor using Dashboards

    Process experts can collaborate on processes and reuse the business knowledge that has been built up over time.

  • Access rights for every object

    Access rights can be set for Channel, Web Service, Data transformation project for user groups or users.

  • Version Control, Snapshots, Grouping of Project Artifacts

    Backups, snapshots with audit control, enable you to go back in time to any version.