Business Activity Monitoring

Business Activity Monitoring
connects People to BPM

Interactive charts and graphs are the single most important interface with Business Process Management technology. They provide real-time information on each step in every process, volumes and other key performance indicators.

AIT's UX team designs flowing dashboards to suit the members of each role in the solution. The drill down nature of common charts permit a capacity to sort though mounds of data visually.

Automatic excel reporting is a second approach to communicating KPI's and other valueable data from any part of the BPM solution.

User Interface Design
makes Interpreting Data... Simple

Obtaining data from sections and pages through a sequence of techniques is all part of the deployment of a DMS. But the successful application of the DMS to the business is to use document images while they are live. That is, before they have completed their usefulness and ready for archiving. Live documents are deemed WIP (work-in-progress) and included in a business process as either a primary or a supporting document.

AIT administers image capture on a small to massive scale. Our partners expertly convert multiple media sources to working images supporting any business process including straight-to-archive for documents that have reached the end of their business use.
Convert from paper, fiche, film to image.

Excel Reporting
built Auto-magically

Yes, that's excel... Think of all the excel reports that are regularly used to circulate information: Finance, Management Reports and even daily volumes and task management. These are all automatically built with AIT's Excel Reporting package. This is not about exporting a report to excel, but actually building the very same reports in circulation today with BPM.

Some standard reports are already part of a BPM solution within the EIM infrastructure. They provide quick analysis, decision making and the right format for an in-depth analysis... Excel.

Now... consider unifying all the data on these excel reports through BPM. For example, an updated value in a core spreadsheet on the network can trigger an email notification or a workflow process. The update can be made by a person, a BPM program or even another worksheet. Data consolidation across excel files throughout the department or enterprise is accomplished through integration with large or small scale BPM.